Company profile

  • Voge flug ltd., a 100% European company, has been at the forefront of European air-conditioning and water heater industry for over 40 years. Eatablished in 1973 in downtown Europe , we have now expanded our office and manufacturing facilities of over 10,000 square meters to the current location in worldwide. International Air-conditioning and water heater products, from residential to commercial and industrial markets. Our production is equipped with a of-the-art manufacturing technologies to ensure highest quality products to suit the customer's needs.
  • With the management's vision and strong dedication to develop world-class standard products, Vogel flug. has been offering high efficiency, low energy consumption and eco-friendly air conditioning and water heater systems under the "VOGEL FLUG" brand. Together with reasonable prices and prompt delivery time, we are confident that you will receive the highest quality products and best service experience from us.



  • Be the Leader of manufacturers for Cooling, Heating and water heating, and Ventilation Technologies.


Core Values

  • Cost Conscious
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Commitment
  • Competence


Vogel Flug History

  • In 1973 “Vogel flug” air–conditioner and water heating Company was established. The company started to produce parts for air–conditioners and water heater such as hot coils, cool coils and water–cool condensers, heating element and magnesium anode, to substitute imported products for supply to air-conditioner and water heater factories in those countries, which are our manufacturing.
    Today, our manufacturing are located in Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Italy, Spain - manufacture air conditioners and components. In Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Italy and Austria - manufacturing of water heaters and components


Air-Conditioning and water Heater Experts

  • Vogel flug ltd. is involved in full-cycle air-conditioning and water heaters business, from product design and development, to production and installation for a wide variety of applications. We are continuously staying at the cutting edge of technology development and production to ensure that our air-conditioners and water heater display the highest quality and meet the most stringent demands of international standarts.
  • With long experience and expertise in air-conditioning and water heating engineering, we can design and manufacture air-conditioning systems and systems water heating to meet customers' specific requirements. The company has invested in R&D facilities, the "Calorimeter Test Rooms", to ensure every product performs at its maximum efficiency. We also adopt the state-of-the-art production technicians; together with rigorous inspection and quality control steps to ensure that only the highest-quality products are delivered to our customers.




    With long experience and expertise in air-conditioning and water heater engineering, we can design and manufacture air-conditioning and water heating systems to customers’ specific requirements.



    Production & Quality Assurance

    Production stays abreast of techno-logical development in order to achieve, maintain and improve the quality and standards of products and designs. The Production Department has a wide variety of responsibilities, ranging from producing parts, components and coil boards to the processes of cutting, folding and body spraying.



    Export Standards

    Vogel flug ltd. has succeeded in all continents, with air conditioning and water heating systems operable in different climate from very cold climate in Canada and Russia to very warm cilmate in the Middle East and widely ranging climate in Australia. We have exported to more than 70 countries worldwide, both under "VOGEL FLUG" brand and as OEM suppliers