Premium design, Easy to install for all environment.



Turbo Fan Powerful turbo motor helps fill the coolness to the room quickly yet quietly

5 Speed Motor

5 speeds adjustable wind blow Turbo-High-Medium-Low-Auto For Turbo cool or Quite cool

Hydrophilic coil

Both evaporator and condenser coils use blue fin coating. Easily drain out water droplets, reduce smelly odor, reduce mold, save energy, and more durable than normal fins.

Double Flow

Intelligent airflow system. Independent upper and lower air louver blade control for up to 90 degree airflow direction. Up to 4 fix-steps adjustable or Auto-swing louver for a better air flow direction.

Normal Supply air grille

Bad airflow direction. Cool air cannot fill the whole room space.

VOGEL FLUG Supply air grille

Good airflow direction with horizontal and vertical auto-swing louver.

Normal Supply air grille

People sitting under the fan coil unit cannot get cool air.

VOGEL FLUG Supply air grille

Airflow throughout the room for both people sitting far or under the fan coil unit.

Condensing Unit

Casing made from high-quality sheet metal, coated with anti-oxidation white color. Durable with great heat rejection performance from advanced aerodynamic fan design. Compact size for easy installation in small spaces.

Healthy Dry Automatic self-cleaning technology for evaporator coil. When turn off the air conditioning system, condensing unit shuts down while blower in the fan coil unit still blows moisture out from the evaporator coil. Reduce bad smelly odor in evaporator coil for a cleaner air flow through the room.

3-minutes turn on compressor delay Orevent damage to the compressor from voltage sag or power failure.

Natural Flow Experience a nature-like wind flow

Timer On/Off 24-hour timer for turning on or turning off the air conditioning system.

Auto Restart Air conditioning system turns on automatically after electricity supply returns from a power failure. The system also memorizes every setting before the outage.

Sleep Mode Adjust suitable temperature for sleeping time.