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Combi Floor

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Combined water heater from the company Vogel Flug Combi Floor is a water accumulator with a combined heating (Electric + liquid coolant) covered by a special high temperature glass-titanium enamel with the thickness of 350 microns and inflicted by a liquid application method with a calcination of 850 degrees.
The inner tank of the Vogel Flug Combi Floor electric combined water heater is produced from the special Austrian low-alloyed steel with thickness of 3 mm.

To provide the thermal insulation the internal tank is isolated by a heat insulation layer from the homogeneous polyurethane foam with the thickness of 35 mm (the thickness depends on the model) which doesn’t include chlorfluorocarbons and the isolation corresponds to the new EU energy saving standards from 01.01.2016. The insulation density guarantees the minimal heat loss of the boiler heated water.

  • The surface area of the heat exchanger by model "CVF-1S" 0,5 m²
  • the surface area of the heat exchangers by model "CVF-2S" 0,5 m² и 0,21 m²
  • The surface area of the heat exchanger by model "CVFLS-1S" 1,0 m²
  • the surface area of the heat exchangers by model "CVFLS-2S" 1,0 m² и 0,5 m²

The produced in EU electrical part is reliable and corresponds to European standards of the quality.
There are two enlarged magnesium anodes in the upper and lower parts (The minimum service period of the anode is 2 years).

The control of operating modes is conducted with the help of a remoted thermoregulator.
The remoted thermal indicator. The indication of the operating mode.

The operating pressure is 0,8MPa (the tested one is 1, 6 MPa).

The class of moisture protection is IP24.

All accessories of the water heater are made in the European Union. The assembly of a tank is made in according with all existing standards of the European Union. It is certificated by EURO 1 and it is confirmed with Certificates of Compliances.

The Full guarantee for all Vogel Flug Combi Floor water heater structures is 2 years.
The Full guarantee for an internal tank of a water heater Vogel Flug Combi Floor is 7 years!

termocontroller type
Tank capacity,
Power, Watt Tank warranty Dimensions, mm Heat insulation,
Weight, kg
CVF20048-1S 200 7 1500x485x505 35 68
CVF20048-2S 200 7 1500x485x505 35 76
CVFLS20048-1S 200 7 1500x485x505 35 80
CVFLS20048-2S 200 7 1500x485x505 35 93
CVF2004830/1h-1S 200 3000 7 1500x485x505 35 70
CVF2004830/1h-2S 200 3000 7 1500x485x505 35 78
CVFLS2004830/1h-1S 200 3000 7 1500x485x505 35 80
CVFLS2004830/1h-2S 200 3000 7 1500x485x505 35 93