Air Handling Unit
(Double Skin)
3.25 – 125 TR




The corners and frame has been designed by bearing in mind the air tight and cold bridge of the construction. All the panels are tightly fitted with gasket on rigid frame. The casing are put on the base frame with frame height vary according to size of casing.
All the frame and panel are manufactured by using heavy gauge electro-galvanized steel sheet and paint with polyester powder coated with a minimum of 60 microns both side to ensure the durability and excellent finishing.
The powder coating can easy penetrate to all the joints, edges by means of electro-static.


Non CFC Poly Urethane Insulation 1″ and 2″


Cooling Coils

VOGEL FLUG’s expertise in manufacturing cooling coils for over the past 37 years is a great advantage fo selection cooling coils to suit any specific requirement for cooling need. However, a standard 1/2” coils with 4 Rows are standard. VOGEL FLUG has a capability of manufacturing coils up to the length of 150”(3,180mm) and 54” height (1,370 mm) with a single coil canaccommodate upto 1,000,000 BTU/hr. The coils are available both in DX and Chilled Water applications. Each coil is constructed from aluminium fins and mechanically expanded into the copper tube. Fin spacing is available from 6 fins per inch to 12 fins per inch depending on requirements. All coils are pressurized tested under water at 350 psig.


Copper fin/Copper tube cooling coils Drain Pan is constructed from heavy gauge galvanized iron sheet and coated with asphalt and insulated with rubber insulation.

Blower & Drive

Air flow is designed for velocity to be less than 500 feet per minute. Standard Fan is forward curved double inlet and are constructed of Gaivanized Iron Sheet and statically and dynamically balanced to ensure smooth performance and quiet in operation. Backward curved wheels are also available to cover required static pressure. The Motor is mounted on a bracket which can be adjusted to ensure proper belt tension and alignment. V-belt and pullets can be selected to suitvarious static pressure and air quantity required.