The Boiler EVD



Special tank is covered with high temperature titanic enamel.

According to the new norms ES from 01.01.2016 about energy caving – heat-insulating substance is made of very dense and thick (40 mm) homogeneous polyurethane foam without chlorofluorocarbon. The dense of heat-insulating substance ensures the least heatloss of the heated water in the boiler. The thickness of the steel (made by Austria) in the inner tank is 2-2,2 mm.

Reliable electrical part (Thermowatt Italy), which corresponds to European demanding of quantity, electrical switch.

2 dry heating coils are made of stainless steel (Thermowatt Italy), patent-protected technology of flange- Experience Dry 6 hold-down bolts, increased maintenance hole. Built-in enlarged magnesium anode (the least durability 2 years).

Mode control operation is carried out with remote thermo controller, which has an additional thermal protection. Two independent thermal sensors. Remote thermo indicator.

Delivery system of cool water Experience

The assembly of the tank is made in accordance with requirements of European Union.

Operating pressure – 0,8MPa (test pressure – 1,6).

Full guarantee to all parts of the water heater-2 years.

termocontroller type
Tank capacity,
Power, Watt Tank warranty Dimensions, mm Heat insulation,
Weight, kg
EVD304120/2h 30 2000 10 573х410х420 40 19.00
EVD505020/2h 50 2000 10 560х496х509 40 24.00
EVD805020/2h 80 2000 10 730х496х509 40 29.00
EVD1005020/2h 100 2000 10 880х496х509 40 33.00
EVD 1205020/2h 120 2000 10 1010х496х509 40 36.00
EVD1505020/2h 150 2000 10 1205х496х509 40 43.00
EVD2005024/2h 200 2400 10 1480х496х509 40 50.00