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WATER HEATER from Vogel flug is a water storage tank with electric water heating with a special coating of high-temperature glass-titanium enamel 350 microns thick, applied by liquid method, with firing at a temperature of 850 degrees.

The internal tank of electric water heaters Vogel flug is made of special, low-alloy steel produced in Austria, with a thickness of 2.2 mm. The patented flange technology INOX Dry has a thickness of 4 mm stainless steel and is fixed to the internal tank of the boiler by 4 bolts through an elastic gasket, completely, eliminating leakage at the connection point.

To provide heat insulation, the inner tank is insulated with a layer of thermal insulation from a homogeneous chlorofluorocarbon-free polyurethane foam 30 mm thick, and complies with the new EU standards from 01.01.2016 on energy conservation. This insulation thickness ensures minimum heat loss of the water heated in the boiler.

The remote thermostat functions as a smooth regulation of the water temperature, and the thermal limiter protects the water heater from overheating. The innovative technology of the INOX Dry flange is that the tubes for the thermostat and heating elements are made of stainless steel. There is no additional enamel coating in it, which has a positive effect on heat transfer. This makes it possible to increase the efficiency of the dry heater, and to approximate its efficiency, to the wet element (since the wet heating element is in contact with water, its efficiency is higher than that of a dry heating element) and guarantees the highest performance properties.

Also, in the manufacture of a dry Vogel flug heating element, there are technological gaps in the heating coil at the bending points, which allows to get rid of the problem of heating firing at the points of inflection.

Built-in magnesium anode (minimum lifetime of the anode is 2 years).

The operating modes controlled by a remote temperature regulator with independent additional thermal protection. Two independent temperature sensors. Remote thermo indicator. Indication of the operating mode.

Working pressure 0,8MPa (subject - 1,6).

Waterproof class IP24.

All the components that make up the water heater are produced in the European Union. The tank is assembled in accordance with all existing standards of the European Union. This is confirmed by the certificate EURO 1 and certificates of correspondence.

A full warranty on all parts of the Vogel flug is 2 years.. The guarantee for the internal tank of the Vogel flug Classic Vertical is 10 years!

with external thermal regulator
Tank capacity,
Power, W Warranty
for vessel
Dimensions, mm Heat insulation, mm Weight, kg
KVD304220/2h 30 2000 10 550х420х430 30 17
KVD504220/2h 50 2000 10 620х355х375 30 22
KVD804220/2h 80 2000 10 900х355х375 30 28
KVD1004220/2h 100 2000 10 1085х355х375 30 34