Quadrate 10l-15l

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Quadrate 10l-15l

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The special accumulator of the small litter capacity with an internal tank from the Austrian stainless steel with the thickness of 1,6mm of AISI 304 L brand (which is not exposed by galvanic corrosion).
Stainless steel AISI 304 L is used where the components require strong welding with a resistance to the intergranular corrosion These components can be used without further treatment of a seam, independently of the thickness

Thermal insulation conforms to the new energy saving standards EU from 01.01.2016. The insulation density guarantees the minimum heat loss of the heated water in the boiler.

Reliable electric part MMG Hungary conforms to the European quality requirements, a power cable with EU plug

The wet heating component Vogel flug with 2 kWt capacity is fixed on a flange from stainless steel (the patented technology of a flange INOX ellipse with max pressure 16 bars) and allows to heat the water from 15 to 75 degrees in 20 minutes.

Two independent thermal sensors. The Indication of the operating mode.The check valve.
The threaded adapters for the pipeline connection 3/8-1/2 of inch.

Class of water protection is IP24.

The remote thermostat with the independent thermo protection controls the operating modes.

The assembly of a tank is made according to all existing standards of the European Union.

Working pressure 0,8MPa (test pressure 1,6 MPa).

The full guarantee for all parts of a water heater Vogel flug - 2 years.
The guarantee for the internal tank of a water heater Vogel flug Quadrate 10l -10 years, Quadrate 15l -7 years! Without obligatory annual service!

Only using the best materials and the latest developments and technologies, you can be completely sure in the quality of Vogel flug products. The manufacturer's guarantee for all products is the proof of quality.

termocontroller type
Tank capacity,
Power, Watt Tank warranty Dimensions, mm Inner tank Weight, kg
QO1020/1h 10 2000 10 438х278х268 INOX 6.8
QU1020/1h 10 2000 10 438х278х268 INOX 6.8
QO1520/1h 15 2000 7 440x300x270 INOX 8.5
QU1520/1h 15 2000 7 440x300x270 INOX 8.5