Residential Air Conditioners

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  1. WSQ

    Comfortably cool, Quite operation

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  2. WRH – ARH

    Comfortable cool, Quite operation With Energy saving technology.

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  3. WHI – AHI

    Advanced inverter technology, Energy efficient with good health

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  4. CFHV – ACV

    Premium design, Easy to install for all environment.

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    Experience your cool world.

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  7. CSQ – ACQY

    Quiet Round Flow Cool with Golden Titanium coil Technology,
    Energy Saving with Good Health.

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  8. ACK
  9. ACLM
  10. DDV – ACV

    Intelligent airflow technology, Delivery cool air to every area of the room.

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  11. DDF – ACL/ACK
  12. TGF – ACQ

    Quite operation. Easy to install for all environments.

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  13. TGF – ACQ/CACU

    Powerful Airflow, Designed for tough environment.

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