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Solar Tanks App

Floor buffer reservoir of the heat conductive fluid
for the closed heating system
Type STA



Company VOGEL FLUG makes multi-power tanks (indirect water heaters) of series STA of large volume 200 and 300 litres. They are completed with heat exchanger, in the lower third part - type STA ... C or in the lower and upper third part - type STA ... C2. The heat exchanger helps to warm hot water in the storage tank in indirect way.

Features of the tanks STA:
 – The tanks are made as floor standing tanks.
 – From the corrosion the tanks are protected with magnesium anode (anode rod on the upper cover prevents leaks in the storage tanks).
 – The tanks are provided with the hole for the system of hot water circulation, which provides hot water supply through the tap even if the accumulate tank is remote.
 – The inner surface is covered with glass enamel, so the tanks can be used for production and storage hot water for residential usage
 – The tanks can be provided with the heater (3 kW; 6 kW, 3 х 1,2 kW, 3 х 1,6 kW), in order to get hot water without connecting to any external devices (solar collector, boiler, etc)

Storage tanks 200 - 300 litres STA are provided with the isolation. The dense of isolation ensures the least heatloss of the heated water in the boiler.

This series also can be made with dry heating element with the type designation STAD ... C/2C. Its advantage is that when it is necessary to insert the heating element into the special tube on the cover there is no need to disassemble the cover and drain the water.

Storage tank is made of 3 mm low-carbon steel (production Austria).
Extremely high resistance of the reservoir and coils (heat exchanges) to the high pressure (0,6mPa).
Full guarantee – 3 years

Series STA Tank capacity,
overhead, m2
lower, m2
with an isolation, mm
with an isolation, mm
Weight, kg
STA 200 C 200 1 546 1530 74
STA 200 2C 200 0,8 1 661 1535 90
STA 300 C 300 1.5 546 1530 100
STA 300 2C 300 1 1,5 661 1535 116