Marine AIR Conditioning System
8,000–25,000 BTUH



Features :

– Self-contained low profile unit
– High efficiency rotary Compressor
– 90-10 cupronickel water cooled condensers are corrsion resistant for lowmaintenance and long life.
– High capacity squirrel cage blowers provide excellent air flow with quiet operation
– High and Low pressure switches for protection of valuable equipment are standard on all units.
– Each unit is leak-teated, pre-charged and test run in all operating models
– All model are available with standard new enviromentally friendly R-410a
– Rugged yet light weight design.

– 100% stainless steel chassis
– High efficiency, Scroll compressor, refrigerant cooled compressor.
– High efficiency shell & tube condenser. (Cu/Ni)
– Electrical supply connections and knockouts provided.
– Lower operation cost.
– Low noise operation.
– HP and LP cut-out switches.
– Refrigerant R-22 (Option R407, R410a)
– Air filters
– Electrical panel.
– IP 56