Advanced inverter technology, Energy efficient with good health



4 Steps of air cleaning for a better room air quality

Large dust filters

Remove large dust particles from room environment, easy to clean with warm water

Active Carbon Filter

Air filter made from high-quality carbon material, reduce bad odor in the room

Catechin Filter

Air filter coated with green tea extract, help eliminate bacteria

Plasma lon Generator

Ion Generator release plus and minus ion to kill virus, mold and bacteria, remove bad odor, and trap small dust particles.

Quite operation for a better sleepl

Quite operation, so you can spend your relax time with your family

Golden titanium fins air flow through easily no droplet at the fin surface lower moisture not suitable for mold to live more durable than normal fins higher energy saving.

Normal aluminium fins collect dust between fin gaps suitable for mold to grow difficult to clean prone to corrosion high maintenance cost.

Continuous Cooling

DC Inverter compressor helps stabilize room temperature for continuous comfort

40% Energy Saving

Inverter technology controls the system more efficiently. Less money out of your pocket.

Faster Cooling Time

Cool your room faster, no need for a long waiting time.

Sleep Mode Adjust suitable temperature for sleeping time

Auto Restart Air conditioning system turns on automatically after electricity supply returns from a power failure. The system also memorizes every setting befor the outage.

3-minute Compressor Turn-on Delay Prevent damage to the compressor from voltage sag or power failure

R 410 A High performance, better cooling capacity, does not destroy ozone layer in the atmosphere. Less refrigerant is required, more stable refrigerant ratio. Enhance air-conditioning system cooling performance.