Comfortably cool, Quite operation



Hydrophilic Coil

Fan coils use blue fin coating. Easily drain out water droplets, reduce smelly odor, reduce mold, save energy, and more durable than normal fins.

Quite operation for a better sleep

Quite operation, so you can spend your relax time with your family.

VOGEL FLUG air conditioner

The "Blue" coating prevents the growth of bacteria and development of mold inside the air conditioner.

Normal air conditioner

When the air conditioner is shut down, mold and bacteria still stay in wet evaporator coil which cause germ and bad odor.

Remote Control Easy-to-use digital wired remote control

Auto Restart Air conditioning system turns on automatically after electricity supply from a power failure. The system also memorizes every setting before the outage.

3-minute Compressor Turn-on Dalay Prevent damage to the compressor from voltage sag or power failure.

Turbo Fan Powerful turbo motor helps fill the collnes to the room quickly yet quietly.